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Beginner to Advanced

All Training Programs are modified to Individual health & fitness level

Athletic Stretch Training:

Increases flexibility; Restores mind-body balance; and relaxes & rejuvenates. A training program that is the standard muscle-oriented stretch customarily done by athletes. These stretches include standing & floor positions.

Back Health: Back in Shape Training:

A blend of stretching & toning focusing on all aspects of back health; relaxation, strength & flexibility. 1) Back alignment & breathing; 2) strengthen the back & opposing ab muscles.

Bosu Balance Training:

Blending core conditioning & balance benefits of an exercise ball with cardio intensifying benefits of a step.

OsteoBall: Resistance Training for Bone Health:

Multitraining for older & younger adults with bone & joint limitations. The training is ideal for those that may have bone & joint related conditions such as osteoporosis and/or osteoarthritis. The OsteoBall training is designed to help you move through a safe & systematic approach.

Pilates Power Gym Training:

Pilate’s reformer style lower body cardio elements with toning & lengthening major muscle groups.

Sit & Be Fit for Special Conditions Training:

For your specific physical conditions. Each training session has a gentle stretch, flexibility and toning training (mostly seated, some standing movement). To the medical situation-targeted moves, you will experience a wellness program with health & exercise guidelines specific to your individual special condition.

Spine Corrector Training (Pilates Based):

In addition to targeting your back, this training program also strengthens your core, open your hips and improve your flexibility. The spine corrector utilizes gravity vs. springs for resistance, and challenges the body with more complex movement patterns in the intermediate and advanced versions.

Supreme Pilates Pro “Ballet Burn” Training:

Barre work training program is designed with smooth-flowing sequence of lunges, squats, leg lifts focusing on core and balance. The final segment of the program is abwork and a series of deep stretches.

Urban Rebounding Training: (Mini Tamp)

Specific techniques to maximize results. From simple straddles, jogs & kicks to faster sprints & twists. A mixture of cardio & toning adding variety of movements & boosts the intensity.

Yoga for Arthritis Training:

Gentle stretches & simple yoga postures plus a variety of hand & finger exercises. You will reduce stress as you improve both joint and total-body flexibility. You will start seated for warming up – moves ranging from soothing neck & shoulder stretches to arthritis-specific hand exercises. Modified versions of classic yoga poses follow.